Maryport's Netherton Infant School has introduced a daily mile.

Following the example of St Ninian's Primary School in Scotland, children at the school now walk and run a mile each day, no matter what the weather.

Avril Conway, nursery teacher and PE co-ordinator, said the scheme has only been going this term but the benefits can already been seen.

She said: "We don't do it during break or lunchtime. It is done during lessons so as well as giving the children exercise it gives them a break.

"Teachers are already saying they came back to class refreshed and ready to focus."

She said the children, some of whom were reluctant to start with, are now enjoying the exercise which sees them walk or run around the school nine times.

Even nursery children and the two-year-olds go as far as they can.

It is all part of a plan to have a healthy school, according to head teacher, Lynn Millington.

The school has employed Sports Trek, a company set up by West Cumbrian man, John McNamee.

Mr McNamee  works in infant and primary schools providing six units including looking at healthy food, exercise made fun, and balance and reaction games.

As well, the school now has a healthy tuck shop run by year two children, who are aged six and seven.

The tuck shop is provided by enterprise company Pupils Profit.

Mrs Millington said: "The food is healthy and the children are really enjoying it, as are the staff." 

Among the goodies available are popcorn, raisins, apple crisps and sugar-free fruit strips.