From Hindu to ice cream, it is all happening at a Maryport school.

Ewanrigg Junior School learned about the Hindu religion from Steven Hopkins and Kayita Gupta from the BHS Educational Workshops team.

The children had the chance to dress up in colourful costumes and enact the story of Diwali. They learned about the three-tiered design of a Hindu temple or shrine and gained an understanding of customs and religious symbols.

In the past two months the children also learned about the First World War and took part in a Remembrance service.

They welcomed Pudsey Bear to the school and raised £256 for Children in Need by dressing in pyjamas and onesies for the day.

And life cannot get better in a school where a former dinner lady, Christine Gray, also runs an ice cream business.

Grahy's offered to bring their van to the school and each pupil received a welcome cone.