Plans to build five houses on a controversial site in Brigham have prompted 80 objections.

David Hill has applied to Allerdale Council for full planning permission for five detached dwellings at Ellerbeck Brow.

The application site forms part of a larger site which was refused permission for 24 homes in 2012 and dismissed on appeal. A further application two years later for 10 homes was later withdrawn.

Eighty letters of objection have been sent to the council.

Residents have shared concerns about the developing of a greenfield site, increased traffic, access issues and a dangerous junction.

Brigham Parish Council is recommending the plans be refused.

Councillor Mark Greaves said the development would affect the character of the area and "Brigham has met its building demand numbers until 2027".

"The effect on potentially neighbouring properties is an unacceptable loss of privacy and amenity," he said.

"It is risking inputting a dangerous junction on a steep hill."

He added: "The idea of bringing more cars to a road network without pavements in much of the village and the connecting roads towards Cockermouth is not sustainable.

"There is nothing beneficial in this Greenfield, wildlife displacing and unwanted, unsustainable application for the village.

"Large houses outside the settlement limit are not needed, character-damaging and not least because no one wants a junction with safety concerns adding to the road network on the Brow."