Controversial speed limits hikes for village roads across Allerdale have cleared another hurdle this week.

The plans affecting villages such as Broughton Moor, Flimby and Allonby were considered at a meeting of the county council’s Local Committee for Allerdale yesterday (January 9).

Highway chiefs had insisted the move was not intended to “placate reckless and inconsiderate drivers” but to make sure the speed limits were appropriate.

Members of the Local Committee for Allerdale have now agreed to put the plans forward to the next stage – statutory consultation and advertisement.

The “revised and final” proposals will go before the councillors one last time with the changes set to be rolled out in the next financial year.

The proposals include changes where existing speed limits have been “deemed unsuitable” following a comprehensive review.

Several of the suggestions involve an increase of the speed limit or reversion to the higher national speed limits – a move that Highways chiefs have themselves described as “potentially controversial”.

Explaining the reason for the speed increases, traffic management team leader Stephanie Davis-Johnston said: “While lower speed limits may appear to make a road safer, if we don’t get compliance then they are worth nothing.”

The report considered by officers said the increase would be introduced in places where it had “become apparent that the speed limit – or a portion of it – is unsuitable.”

It adds: “This manifests itself as poor compliance, where an unsuitable speed limit in a particular location, usually results in it being ignored.

“Increasing an incorrectly set speed limit to a higher level helps ensure that it is suitable for its surrounding location; that it will be generally respected and self-enforcing.

“Incorrectly set and therefore universally ignored speed limits can lead to poor compliance elsewhere, bringing the whole concept of speed limits and speed limit enforcement into disrepute."

The proposals following public feedback


Reduce extent of 30mph limit, replace with national speed limit. Follow-up survey to assess “any negative impact”

Broughton Moor

Introduce 40mph buffer on southern approach; move 30mph extents on eastern and western approaches in towards village.

Flimby Brow

Adjust 30mph extents, bringing in to village boundary.

High Seaton

Proposed 30mph extension to cover new development.

Brigham, Hotchberry Road

Extend 30 limit beyond new housing development


Implement permanent 30 limit (to replace temporary following United Utility works).


Move 30mph extents to west of village to accommodate new development


Implement 30mph limit


Implement 40 buffer on eastern approach, and more 30mph limit closer to main village.


Implement 30mph limit

Newton Arlosh

Slight extension to extent of proposed new 30mph limit


Bring 30mph into village boundary, bringing 40mph buffer passed cross roads and pub


40mph limit outside new housing development

Thursby, Curthwaite Road

Proposals have been revised to implement a 40mph limit (up from 30mph).

A591 Thirlmere

Implement permanent 40 limit (to replace temporary) owing to continued concerns with rockfall and adverse weather

Wigton, Lowmoor Rd

Adjust 30mph limit, adding 40mph buffer.

Limit suits surroundings and will moderate speeds towards the newly (and correctly) positioned 30mph limit.


Highway chiefs had originally wanted to introduce a 40mph to replace current 30mph. But following a public outcry amid speeding fears and access, it has been recommended that the council do not go ahead with the plans.