Girls Like That, by Evan Placey, highlights the dangers of social media and long held prejudices about women and girls.

In this technological age that we now live in, a naked photograph of a schoolgirl is quickly circulated amongst her peer group. Assumptions about the girl's reputation are voiced, even from people that she has known all her school life.

This thought provoking play shows that prejudices aimed at women over the years are just as prevalent now as they ever were.

Jane Douglas makes her directorial debut in this production. She said: "It has been really good, they are lovely girls. It was written for up to 24 female parts, but we had to allocate the parts between the eight girls. They did it as a team."

The play came with little stage direction, so the cast and Jane worked together to create this.

Cast member Georgia Douglas-Brown co-ordinated the choreography in the play, which works really well and was clearly enjoyed by the actors.

At 16 to 18 the cast are of school age which makes the gritty play even more realistic.

It also provides a great opportunity for the young actors to showcase their talent and after this show I'm sure they will be considered for roles in future Playgoers' productions.

Georgia said: "It's been nice to do a play that's a bit juicy. We decided to split the youth group so the younger ones can still do their fairy tales etc and we've found it really good for the older ones to get more links with Playgoers."

Parts of the play are chilling and literally made me shiver, but I am assured by my 15 year old daughter that the content is topical, accurate and could be happening in a school near you.

Girls Like That is on at the Theatre Royal, Washington Street, Workington, until January 19 at 7pm. Tickets are £7 and £5 concessions and are available from the Theatre Royal website, the box office, or on the door.