There is one area of West Cumbria where police numbers are definitely on the rise.

Unfortunately these officers are a little too short to fight crime but if a Maryport primary school's Mini Police programme is any example, the future for policing and crime reduction looks bright.

Ewanrigg Junior School has 20 mini police, recruited from among pupils aged nine to 11.

This week Fuzz, the Mini Police mascot, visited the school along with Max the Mini, the car donated by Lloyds Carlisle to promote the scheme.

The Mini Police are issued with uniforms and have structured lessons on issues such as water safety and community engagement activities such as speed watch.

The Constabulary’s programme started last year, with recruits from 28 schools, from across Cumbria. The programme, run by schools and their local Police Community Support Officers, aims to increase trust and confidence within both young people and the community and gives a sense of social responsibility and gives them leadership skills.

The Mini Police were praised by Shirley Murray who is in charge of the project in Cumbria.