COCKERMOUTH students will be staging a second climate strike on Friday as part of a global campaign.

Isabella Bridgman and Clare Rodger, both 14 and pupils at Cockermouth School, organised a strike on Main Street last month to raise awareness of climate change.

"We will be leading the strike again, with a few others from our school. We’re expecting a few more primary school children to join, and we’re still working to get more secondary school children involved," they said.

Their strike will be one of many happening around the globe.

"Over 60 are already planned for the UK alone. We need to show the government that we won’t give in or be ignored; we will keep persisting until something is done," they said.

It will take place from 11am-2pm ​on Main Street.

They were delighted with the support given to the previous strike.

"We had lots of support from the community, which was very encouraging. We also had the opportunity to talk to a few councillors about what they’re planning on doing in Cockermouth regarding climate change," said the students.

"We’ve been invited to an Allerdale Youth Council meeting to discuss environmental issues."

It is not yet known if more strikes are planned.

"If any more national or global strikes are planned, we will participate in them," they said.

"We will continue encouraging our local councillors and community to be environmentally friendly.

"However, whilst our school has been generally supportive, they have been making our absences unauthorised.

"This will not deter us from striking though."

A Cockermouth School spokesman said: "We respect that a group of our students are passionate about this issue and have engaged with the school about how they wish to respond. The Department for Education set out clear guidance for how all schools should record the absence of students.

"Cockermouth School follows this guidance consistently for all student absences."