William Wordsworth and a group of amateur poets have proved they had something in common - the ability to see beyond a disability.

Allerdale COSC joined with the Wordworth Trust to look at the way disabilities have been treated down the years.

A COSC group, calling themselves the Parkhill Poets, have been involved with the Wordsworth Trust for a number of years.

One member, Kevin Pardell, who previously wrote a guide for dealing with the disabled, stars in a film looking through disability at the person beyond.

His message was: "Don't be afraid or shy away from me. if you have a question, ask me."

Wordsworth's beloved sister Dorothy suffered disability in older age and both wrote on the subject.

Perceptions and reflections old and new came together in the film and at an event in Mawbray last week where COSC and Wordsworth Trust joined with the Solway People of Poetry and Allerdale mayor and mayoress, John and Heather Crouch..

The film will be shown at Wordsworth's home, Dove Cottage, and is also available for viewing