A stunt and cheerleading team from West Cumbria's Cheer Fitness and Fun has won first place in their division at a major competition in Blackpool.

CFF Galaxy (youth team) and CFF Infinity (senior team) who train at the Allstar Factory in Workington, took part in the Northern Jam competition, going head-to-head against teams from across North West England and Scotland at the Winter Gardens earlier this month.

The youth team were placed first in their division.

Owner and coach Amy Brown said: "Our youth team are the real success story here, they are a team of seven so a very small team in comparison to other teams and six out of the seven girls had never competed before. It can be very daunting going in to a cheer competition for the first time and they did a fantastic job. They placed first in their division and were a very close second to win the overall highest score in their level.

"It was so nice to see them do so well and have such a positive experience for their first competition."

An injury crisis prior to the event saw one of the senior age girls having to step in to help out the junior team with a routine. However this meant the team then had to compete at senior division level. Yet they still managed to come third in that age group.

"Our junior aged team had to compete in the senior division due to a last minute injury, so they did really well having to change their routine around on their last training session and still managed to place third in their division," added Amy.

A total of 16 girls took part from Copeland and Allerdale. The girls, aged between eight and 17 had one team in the level one youth division (eight to 11 years) and one in the level one senior (12 to 17 years) division.

The Allstars will be competing again in 10 weeks time at Glasgow, all five teams will take part, including the mini-stunt group champions.