Maryport carnival will go ahead but Aspatria's gala is in doubt because Highways has refused to give them road closure signs.

Alan Reay, chairman of the gala committee, said he was hugely disappointed.

"Our gala runs along the A596 which bisects our town. you can't have someone standing on a highway flagging down huge log lorries, buses and cars."

Dee Turner, who usually organises the signs said she is shocked and disappointed.

"Highways has said they are not giving out signs anymore because they are often not returned or are damaged and it is a cost to the ratepayer to fix them. The woman I spoke to acknowledged that there has never been a problem with Aspatria but the policy is a blanket one.

"We would need at least eight sign The cheapest you can buy are about £45 for one and we can't afford that."

Meanwhile, Maryport carnival was threatened but will now go ahead.

It is understood the carnival committee had applied for a street collection licence but had not submitted returns from last year which is a requirement.

Allerdale council was alerted to the mistake by an unnamed councillor.

Carnival secretary Linda Radcliffe confirmed there "had been a problem"

"We were informed that we might not get a street licence this year because of the oversight.

"Our chairman Billy Pegram went and spoke to Allerdale council and it has all been sorted out."

She said the carnival would be held on the second Saturday in July.

Our biggest problem now is finding someone with an open-topped car so our carnival queen can ride the procession course in dignity."

She said Maryport was not affected by Highways' decision not to lend out road closure signs.

"We have rolling closures. The roads are only closed for a few minutes and there are several options for traaffic,"