A European Parliament election candidate has undertaken a 24-hour tour to canvas voters across Cumbria.

John Studholme, who is the Liberal Democrats' only Cumbrian candidate in next week's elections, visited each of the county's six constituencies during his mammoth trip.

He began by canvassing with Tim Farron MP on Greenside, Kendal, on Friday night and continued to Penny Bridge in the Barrow and Furness constituency on Saturday morning.

Later in the morning he canvassed in Gosforth in Copeland, before making an afternoon visit to Cockermouth in the Workington constituency.

By 4pm he was in Dalston in the Carlisle constituency, finishing up in Penrith at 5.30pm.

Mr Studholme said: "I know Cumbria reasonably well being born and bred here and having worked in the county most of my life. It was a beautiful day and the area looked its best. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, including the reception for what I had to say and was doing.

"In the past six months I have also conducted, with others, Brexitometer surveys in all the main towns of Cumbria and some more than once. These are not statistically correct surveys but it is fair to say that there is a trend. There are less 'don't knows', more people have made up their mind. There is increased rejection of Theresa May's deal perhaps because it has gone on for so long and has been poorly presented.

"More Cumbrians do now favour Remain than they did before and 80 per cent plus favour a People's Vote. There was an overwhelming feeling that they would like to get on with normal life as soon as possible.

"For us Remainers in the coming European Elections the biggest danger is that our votes are split between Lib Dems, Greens and Change though the latter appear to be fading. In our region to have an MEP elected from these three parties one of them needs around 12 per cent of the vote. Last time both the Greens and Lib Dems had less than 10 per cent of the vote so the Lib Dems lost their one MEP Chris Davies. The Greens did not win a seat. This was a tragedy and I desperately hope it does not happen on May 23.

"I am therefore imploring those thinking of voting Green or Change on May 23 to consider the likely implications.

"The Lib Dems have the best election network across the region and will deliver their vote, their number one candidate Chris Davies is a passionate environmentalist.

"The logic is that on this occasion in our area it makes for reason and the bigger picture for Remainers to vote for the Lib Dems on May 23."