Master illusionist David Blaine was dazzled by a trick from Chris Cross of Newcastle – and now “The Geordie Magician” is coming to the Kirkgate Arts Centre.

Chris Cross was brought up on stage at the US magician’s show and challenged to perform a trick.

“He invited me up on stage to perform a trick and I completely baffled him, fooled him.”

“The Geordie Magician” turned a full pack of cards into a block of glass using David Blaine’s water tank.

Chris said: “My guest performance was completely impromptu, unplanned, off the cuff and completely awesome.

“It really was absolutely epic to be standing next to one of my idols and performing in one of the most beautiful theatres in Scotland to a packed-out audience.”

Chris’s hero is Paul Daniels but he is inspired by Blaine also.

“It was David Blaine that picked magic back up, breathed some air into it, revived it and made it cool again, with his unique brand of street magic,” he said.

“I copied lots of his tricks when I first started out, as did every other magician in the world, and a couple of those tricks remain in my regular repertoire today.”

And the Kirkgate Arts Centre is excited to welcome a performer with a lot of momentum. Artistic director Chris Bridgman said: “We’re thrilled to be presenting Chris Cross this autumn.

“It’s a while since we had a magician at the Kirkgate, and it’s a special pleasure to bring a northern-based performer who has such a fantastic combination of magic skills and comedy.

“We’re looking forward to a brilliant night for all the family.”

Chris Cross comes to the Kirkgate Arts Centre on November 16 and tickets can be purchased from or 01900 826448.