A bouquet from a Workington florist, which was left randomly in Silloth to brighten up someone's day, has travelled all the way to Scotland to be placed on the Dunblane tragedy memorial.

Julie Carruthers, from Fearon Flowers, said she has been taking part in 'lonely bouquet day' for the last four years.

The international initiative, which was on June 30 this year, sees florists around the world prepare bouquets and leave them in random places for people to find, to make the finders of the flowers happy. A tag is left with the arrangement asking the finder to send a facebook or email post to say what happened to them.

A message was sent to Fearon Flowers' Facebook page which reads: "Hi, my stepmum was in Silloth for the weekend with my sons and found a lonely bouquet. She wanted you to know it ended up in Dunblane and she has put it at the cemetery beside the children of Dunblane tragedy. I wanted to let you know they had made it all the way to Scotland."

Julie said she had goosepimples when she read the post and thinks it is nice that they have gone to something like that.

She said she gets messages from local people and visitors to the area that have found the bouquets. She said: "A couple of years ago a little girl found one of the bouquets and gave it to her nana, that was lovely. It's just nice to make someone's day."

So far Julie has only heard of the whereabouts of one of the five bouquets that she made. There might still be four other bouquets available to find in Allonby, Workington and Cockermouth.

If you were lucky enough to find one of the four other bouquets get in touch to let us know what happened to it at lynne.wild@newsquest.co.uk