A VERY friendly dragon has a new lease of life thanks to her swanky new set of custom-made wheels.

Millie the “middle-aged” bearded dragon was rescued by Emma Kelt at Maryport’s Forever Friends Small Animal Sanctuary, after being put up online as “free to a good home”, along with a list of her health problems.

She was then placed in the care of devoted new owner Amy Dobson, who couldn’t help but love the scaly star.

The 20-year-old animal rescue worker loves all creatures, great and small, and had a particular soft spot for Millie, who had a broken back due to a vitamin D deficiency – a common problem with domestic dragons who are not cared for properly.

Amy took Millie to water therapy and physio, and gave her calcium supplements, improving her quality of life and easing her pain, but the injured dragon still had difficulty walking around.

Sellafield apprentice Sarah Lewin was brought onboard to help find a solution for the semi-paralysed reptile, and created her “life-changing” wheelchair.

After many trial-runs and redesigns, and plenty of helpful comments, including “we’re going to need some smaller wheels”, Millie’s wheelchair was complete and her behaviour has transformed.

Amy is over the moon with Millie’s new wheels, and said: “I really just can’t believe how well Millie has taken to it!

“I think the majority of us were sceptical as to whether she would take to it or not, and thought we’d have to make a few prototypes before she got anywhere.

“But it’s Millie, and she continues to surprise us – I think this is really going to give her opportunities in her life that she’s never had before.”

Along with getting around her home more easily, Millie will now find it easier to meet-and-greet fans at charity events and fundraisers – a regular duty as a “mini celebrity” of West Cumbria.