I often want to - and often do - start this column with the observation that we are doomed!

This week is one of those weeks because, from everything that is being said, Boris Johnston's decision to suspend Parliament is either a mere technicality or the path to a violent bloodbath.

When you get such strongly opposing views it is hard to know who and what is right. All I do know is that, for the first time, I am hoping and praying that Jacob Rees-Mogg know what he is talking about.

A committed Brexiteer, he told journalists this week that only a handful of parliamentary days would be lost and there would still be plenty of time to debate Brexit before October 31. It was just a technicality. There was nothing to worry our little heads about. Everything is fine.

On the other hand words like unconstitutional and dictatorship are being bandied around.

Then, just to muddy the waters further, Ruth Davidson, the woman who did the impossible and led the Conservatives to win more seats than ever before, has resigned as Scottish Conservative leader!

But what worries me most is the email I had from the Lib Dems this week which started: "A no-deal Brexit will lead to an "unprecedented tide of violence" and the blood will be on politicians' hands is the stark warning from senior Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies during his visit to Belfast today (28/08/19).

"The MEP, who has spent two days in Northern Ireland meeting with representatives of border communities and campaigners for reconciliation has warned that the return of a hard border with the Republic will unleash a tide of violence."

The Lib Dems are committed Remainers but if this is just scaremongering Chris Davies should be ashamed of himself.

At this stage I, probably like many others, have completely given up caring. There are so many lies and half-truths told on both sides of the argument that there is really no way of truly knowing what would happen if we exited Europe with a deal or no deal.

It could be the disaster the Remainers predict or the return of the Great in Great Britain. Who knows?

But, either way, what about Ireland? The situation in Ireland was borne out f many years of mainly religious persecution. But I wonder how many members of the so-called New IRA or the various Protestant parities have a single religious bone in their bodies. They certainly don't practice Christianity which centres around a message of tolerance and love.

But they are what they are and I don't understand how we will get around the border question. What's the answer ?

I was going to say I would be happier to leave it to those more clever than I am. But that gives me pause. Are our politicians cleverer than me? More important, will they exit Europe with a feeling of moral duty over political point scoring? We'll have to see.