A FORMER ski instructor who learned to ski on a dry slope at Keswick School and has taught celebrities and royalty, is returning to Cumbria tonight to stage a film screening about the sport.

Cameron Hall, 36, grew up in St Bees and attended Keswick School. He says: “At Keswick, the school had a dry ski slope. It was so short that if you didn’t stop at the bottom you stood a strong chance of falling over the fence and landing in the tennis courts. It proved a good incentive to learn the basics quickly!”

Cameron went on annual skiing trips with the school and after graduating from university was determined to be a ski instructor.

He taught in Canada before moving to Dubai to teach at the city’s indoor skiing centre. During his time in the United Arab Emirates, Cameron taught several members of the Emirati royal family and gave a private lesson to legendary basketballer Michael Jordan.

“Every entry-level teaching technique you go through with a regular client, Michael quickly got bored of and just wanted to go fast,” recalls Cameron. “By the end of the lesson we ended up racing each other from the top to the bottom. He was very competitive, but I couldn’t bring myself to let him win!”

Cameron began working for a PR agency in London before founding his own business, Holmlands, in 2016. His role includes hosting screenings of high-end skiing films after acquiring a licence from a major US production company. One of these screenings takes place at Rheged, near Penrith, tonight. Return to Send’er focuses on the skills and backstories of four elite freeskiers.

Cameron says: “While skiing is an individual sport, it also has a thriving community. Our screenings are a great way to bring people together to share their love for the sport.

“Cumbria gave me the foundation to get into skiing, which has provided me with an opportunity to travel the world and build a business. There is a great community of people who are passionate about the outdoors in Cumbria. It just feels right to be bringing our event experiences back home.”

Doors open at 7pm. The film starts at 8pm. Visit www.holmlands.co.uk/events for tickets.