They may not have superpowers, and you may never see them wearing capes, but the heroes of Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team deserve some of the limelight, and featuring on a BBC One programme will certainly do the trick.

The team were approached by the BBC's The Great Staycation, and decided it would be a good way of illustrating the importance of preparedness and safety when walking the fells.

And so with GoPros in-hand, or on-helmet, around 15 rescue members were sent out to assist a woman in her 70s who had slipped and banged her head.

The incident took place in August, and saw the team providing the injured woman with life-saving treatment and a reassuring hand to hold, all of which was shown on the programme earlier this month.

Cockermouth Mountain Rescue chairman Martin Pickavance is glad the team took part, and that viewers could see the seriousness of the work they do.

"We're happy to be getting the message out there to be safe when out walking," he said.

"By all means come and enjoy the mountains, but know your limitations and make sure you have the right equipment."

Team members including Steve Whitehurst, Mike Park and Ian Cousins were featured on the programme, being interviewed directly about their life-saving work – but that's not to say they thoroughly enjoyed themselves while doing so!

"I think most the team were a bit embarrassed to be on the TV," Martin said.

"We're just happy to get on with what we do, but the team all put their embarrassment aside for the greater good of the programme!"

Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team, as all rescue teams, are funded entirely by donations, requiring up to £70,000 each year to carry out the work they do.

Martin hopes now that viewers have seen their work on-screen, more people will donate their spare change to the team and help them to continue saving lives.