Keswick Mountain Rescue Team have had a busy start to December with three callouts on Sunday.

Just after 11am the team was called to Whinlatter Forest where a 37-year-old mountain biker had crashed as sheet ice had formed over the slate bedrock.

The biker was on the south red route at Whinlatter and suffered an ankle dislocation.

It was treated at the scene before being stretchered to the team Land Rover and driven to an awaiting ambulance.

Nin team members were involved on scene for an hour and a half.

Then, at 2.55pm the team was back out, responding to another ankle injury followng a slip.

This time a 65-year-old woman was with a group of walkers on the descent path from Hause Gate on Catbells towards Manesty when the incident occurred.

The team splinted the ankle and stretchered her down to the road where she was transported to hospital by friends.

Twenty-three team members were involved in the incident which took two hours.

The final incident of the day occurred just before 4pm when a group of university students were descending the track from Coledale Hause towards Force Crag Mine at the head of the Coledale Valley.

A female in the party slipped and went over on her ankle, breaking her lateral malleolus.

After calling 999 her companions stayed with her to keep her warm whilst awaiting rescue. A local fell running lady also stopped to offer assistance.

The team, not long back from callout number two of the day, drove up to the mine above Braithwaite and made their way to the casualty.

The track was icy, as were the stepping stones across the beck. The injured ankle was immobilised before the casualty was stretchered back to one of the vehicles.

Strangely there was an urgent requirement for a team change on the stretcher carry just before the beck crossing but fortunately there were a few probationary team members present to help out.

The girl was driven down to Braithwaite to rendezvous with the ambulance.

This time 15 team members were involved in the rescue which took two hours and 12 minutes.