Dibley is transported to the Theatre Royal, as the much loved 1990s TV sitcom comes back to life in stage play version.

The fast paced witty production takes the pick of the best episodes in an entertaining show that will leave you laughing out loud.

Excellent casting, characterisation and script ensures that anyone that was a fan of the show will thoroughly enjoy the play and anyone that missed it the first time round is in for a treat.

After the elderly vicar of Dibley dies suddenly, parishioners are shocked to find that the Bishop has appointed a woman in his place. We follow Geraldine as she attempts to win over the villagers.

The actors have managed to faithfully recreate the mannerisms of diffident waffler Hugo played by James Last, dotty naive and adorable Alice Tinker by Rosie Matin, selfless peace keeper and chocoholic Geraldine, captured by Rebecca Wilson, self-opinionated pompous parish council chairman David Horton, by Jim Samson, pragmatic farmer Owen Newitt, played by Stewart Grant, eccentric Letitia Cropley, by Liz Chapman, dithering Jim Trott, recreated by Morgan Sweeney and pedantic Frank Pickle by Paul Tharagonnet.

It is hard to single out one stand out performance as the cast works so fluidly together, with all the parts linking seamlessly. It is a convincing and polished team performance.

Director Tony Parker said: "We all had lots of fun with this one."

The playgoers have been rehearsing for eight weeks and said it has taken them quite a while to be able to get through the script without laughing.

This play is a great choice to get you in the mood for the goodwill season and runs from December 3 to 7 at Theatre Royal, Washington Street, Workington.

Tickets are £11.50 and can be booked online at www.theatre-royal-workington.co.uk or on the door, or via the booking office by leaving a message at 01900 603161.