Three boys whose quick-thinking actions saved their friend were awarded for their bravery last week.

Seaton youngsters Ross Powell, James Chambers and Robbie Park attended the Chief Constable's Awards on December 6 to receive the prestigious commendation, presented to the trio for saving their friend Elliot Hodgson after he fell 50 feet from a tree.

The group were playing in 'Amy's Wood' on a summer's afternoon in 2018, when Elliot, who was 12 at the time, fell from the tree before hitting his head and rolling into the beck.

While their friend drifted in and out of consciousness, the young boys jumped into action, getting Elliot out of the water without hurting him or adding to his injuries.

Ross, James and Robbie then called emergency services as well as Elliot's mother, before Robbie's mother Joanne Powell arrived with blankets.

The life-threatening accident could have been far more dangerous if the brave group hadn't acted so quickly or efficiently, and so were rightfully praised and handed their awards last week after being nominated by Elliot's father.

Commenting on the awards, and the pride she and the other parents feel, Joanne said: "All of us parents are just so proud of the boys, and they're proud themselves as well.

"I think because they're so young they don't understand how big of a deal it is, or how great what they did is!"

She added: "One thing that Robbie said that will always stick with me is that he said he'd learnt what to do in an emergency by watching the Great North Air Ambulance on TV with me, which I thought was brilliant.

"It just shows that some TV can be of some help to them!"

The boys attended the Penrith-based awards with their families – who were bursting with pride – and Joanne said they were all thrilled to go along.

"It was actually an emotional evening," she said.

"It was absolutely outstanding to be there and listen to other members of the public's stories, and hear what the police officers were being awarded for as well."

Chief Constable Michelle Skeer said, speaking at the award's evening: "I'm exceptionally proud of all these officers, and the members of the public who stood up and acted heroically when they were most needed."