A brave 10-year-old boy, who suffers from a serious heart condition, is determined to make life better for other young patients.

Harvey Park, of Great Clifton, was admitted to Newcastle’s Freeman hospital back in July last year after collapsing on the way to school.

Initial investigations at West Cumberland Hospital indicated the sports-mad youngster had a heart condition but there were no local specialists to treat him.

He was referred to Freeman where it was confirmed Harvey had Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and would need an internal defibrillator (ICD).

The procedure went ahead and Harvey was discharged to go back to a normal childhood life. Unfortunately, in December, Harvey was re-admitted when the chest cavity around his ICD became infected and the device had to be removed for his safety. So he is now awaiting another operation.

His mum Marnie Jackson is proud of the way her son has coped with the diagnosis and of the fact he now wants to give back to the Freeman.

“It was during his last stay that we were chatting to the staff about some of the lovely Christmas blankets which had been donated to the ward,” said Miss Jackson.

“Harvey became particularly attached to one blanket and kept asking for it, this is when the staff told us it was such a shame because these lovely fleece blankets wouldn’t last long due to the conditions in which they were washed.

“Harvey asked the nurses if he could buy some more and take them back next time but the staff explained that it would be much better to get duvet covers and pillowcases as they withstand the washing better.

“So when I was having a post Christmas clear out I found numerous sets in the bedding boxes too many to ever all be used and wondered how many people would be the same.”

This is when an idea began to take root for the family of how they could help other youngsters feel at home on long stints on the ward.

“I put a call out on social media and the response so far has been brilliant,” she said. “Up to now we have 36 sets of bedding donated but sadly this is only two days worth of bedding for the hospital.

“People’s generosity has been amazing, people who are friends of friends have donated and it has made Harvey pleased that he can help the staff and ward who have helped him, as well as other children in an awful situation.”

Miss Jackson is appealing to anyone with unwanted children or teenager’s bedding to get in touch and she will transport it over to Newcastle for the hospital to use.

Harvey is still facing more surgeries, as this is a life-long condition that will need to be managed.

“Harvey’s condition will never go away and he will need repeat surgeries to replace the ICD for the rest of his life,” she added.

“He is currently awaiting another operation to place an ICD under his rib cage and will be taking donations with him to the Children’s Heart Unit at Freeman when he goes.”

To donate call 07751 704073.