After a brisk and freezing walk around Buttermere , the only thing on our minds was filling our tummies with the nicest food possible – so thank God for Zest.

From the second my fiancè Daniel and I walked in, the smell of gorgeous foods and flavours hit us, and with the staff making us feel welcome and at home straight away, we knew we'd made a good choice.

We couldn't wait to tuck into the delicious-sounding main dishes, so skipped the starters and headed straight for a burger each.

Daniel went for the Funky Chicken burger, with a side of sweet potato fries, while I opted for the vegan burger, made up of beans, seeds and lentils, with a vegan cheese on top.

As I (sadly) don't like cheese, which I often get told off for by many, many people, I was excited to try the cheesy substance on my burger – and was so happy to find it didn't taste anything like your typical cheddar.

The flavours of my burger, which had perfectly caramelised onions on top and beetroot underneath, were amazing, and I couldn't help but stuff my face and finish it all too soon.

But luckily I'd ordered a side of some very chunky – and tasty – chips, which softened the blow a bit.

Daniel was possibly even more pleased with his burger than I was with mine, giving it the highest praise by branding it "as nice as KFC", but nowhere near as greasy.

Even though we were already too full, we couldn't help but order some puddings, especially as the banana-topped Belgian waffle from the specials menu was screaming at us to order it.

And Daniel listened loud and clear, topping off his meal with the chocolate covered treat finished with a dollop of ice cream, while I ordered the tastiest sticky toffee pudding I've had in my life.

The block of sponge was drowning in hot toffee sauce, and I was more than happy to add plenty more sweetness with the mini barrel of pouring cream drizzled all over the top.

Every part of the meal was perfect from start to finish, and it was all for a reasonable price.

The only downside is that the Belgian waffle has already left the menu, but as the specials are updated each week, I'm sure there will be plenty other just-as-gorgeous options when you pay a visit.

And I need to mention the restaurant's location – it's lovely. Finishing off the meal and going for a stroll along the harbour was such a simply nice way of ending the day, and it's just another great aspect of Zest.

Overall, the brilliant food, service and location has earned a top five stars from me, and I will definitely be back to try probably every other meal on the menu as soon as I can.