Drugs were seized and arrests made during a drugs raid at a town centre house.

Police across the North West of the country carried out Operation Medusa yesterday, aiming to bust major county line drug operations throughout the region.

The project, organised by North West Regional Organised Crime Unit, involved police across Cumbria, Merseyside, Lancashire, Police Scotland and the British Transport Police.

And in the west, a Workington home was raided, with a team of police heading from Workington police station to Cross Street, breaking down the door at 9am to the surprise of the residents.

Eight officers took part in the raid, led by Sergeant Nathan Greenhow, with a sniffer dog sent in after an initial search of the house had taken place.

Over an hour of searching proved time well spent for the officers, arresting two women and finding a “brown powder”, suspected to be heroin.

Once the suspects had been taken away, and all evidence had been taken, Sgt Greenhow said: “This sort of operation does take some time to plan, due to needing special resources, and certain procedures needing to be followed.

“We’re very pleased with how it’s gone – we’ve come here and found what we were looking for.”

He added: “To those who aren’t involved in drug trade, please do report any suspicious activity surrounding drugs – we are looking to bring those offenders to justice.”

Detective Inspector Paddy McDonnell, Cumbrian representative for the operation, said: “The major point to get across from this operation is that our forces are far more effective together, which allows us to have a sustained impact on county lines activity.

“We’re aware that suppliers use road and rail networks to brings drugs in and out of the county, so have officers stationed mainly at Carlisle and Barrow stations as part of the operation.”