SHOPPERS have been warned to check their purses and wallets after dodgy £20 notes were spotted in circulation with a very notable error.

It's come from Carlisle Business Crime Awareness after one was flagged up by a business in Annan yesterday, Thursday, February 27.

A spokesman from the organisation that helps combat consumer crime in the city centre this morning said: "Please be aware of these fake £20 notes that have been circulated yesterday in Annan and recently in the Scottish Borders.

"One big giveaway the back of the note says 'twenty poond'."

On the note it also states: "This is not legal, it is to be used for motion props."

The warning comes after a rash of fake £20 have been fenced in places as far afield as Glasgow and Jersey.

Police Scotland said the there were eight separate reports of counterfeit £20 notes being used in just one area of the city during December.

Last month a spokesman said: "We would ask that retailers are extra vigilant when accepting cash payment.

"We recommend three simple ways of checking if a note is counterfeit - check the paper and print quality of notes, look for the metallic security thread and

check the watermark.

"If anyone suspects they have been passed counterfeit money, then they should contact the police by calling 101 or in an emergency by calling 999.

"It is a criminal offence to hold or pass a note that you know to be counterfeit."

A spokesman from the states of Jersey Police said: "On closer inspection they are movie props and are not legal tender."