A West Cumbrian man who was hospitalised due to the coronavirus has spoken out to thank those on the frontline.

Tom Gilroy, 68, of Cockermouth, was admitted to the West Cumberland Hospital last month after struggling to manage coronavirus symptoms.

But what touched him deeply was the uplifting attitude of all the staff taking care of him.

Mr Gilroy said: “Doctors, nurses, cleaners, everyone there, they are putting themselves at risk and it was really humbling to see how they’re working on the frontline.

“Just about every hour, someone was coming to check on me, my blood pressure and temperature, which is critical, and that went on during the day and the night.

“They were always really positive and upbeat.

“Every time they came into the room they had to get changed, but the care I received was exemplary.

“I don’t know where I would be without them.

“Some of the nurses could have been my granddaughters, these are young people putting themselves at risk but they always had a smile on their faces.”

Mr Gilroy went into self-isolation as soon as he started suffering with coronavirus symptoms.

But around a week later he could no longer manage them and the hospital advised him to go in.

He was given antibiotics and told to go home, however three days later he had to be admitted to the West Cumberland Hospital for three days.

Doctors said he had pneumonia first and then coronavirus.

He said: “I just want to thank the health services for everything they have done and the way they’ve done it, it was exemplary.”