TRIATHLETES from all over the world will be able to take part in a popular county triathlon - by doing the virtual event from their own homes.

Organisers of the annual Lakesman Triathlons cancelled this year’s event because of coronavirus.

But to help keep everyone motivated and boost their mental and physical wellbeing during lockdown, organisers have launched the virtual Lakesman in Lockdown.

It will take place on the weekend when the triathlons, which usually start with a swim in Derwentwater, were due to take place; June 20 to 21.

Since entries for Lakesman in Lockdown opened on Friday, more than 600 people – from as far afield as America - have already signed up for the event which is sponsored by Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors.

Organiser Marie Whitehead said: “We moved very early on to cancel this year’s Lakesman event as it was true to our ethos of always putting people before profit.

“We didn’t want to wait to be told to cancel it. We knew it was the right thing to do for our athletes and we have transferred everyone who can take part next year to 2021 which is already a sell-out. Some people couldn’t transfer and we have given them a full refund.

“But we wanted to give people something to focus on this year to help people’s mental wellbeing and physical health during lockdown - and we have come up with Lakesman in Lockdown.”

Unlike the usual Lakesman Triathlons, there are no restrictions on the number of entries for Lakesman in Lockdown.

Peter Stafford, managing director of Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors, said: “We are delighted that the organisers of the Lakesman Triathlons have come up with an innovative way of ensuring that there will still be an event for people to take part in this year - albeit from their own homes.”

As well as the Lakesman Full which, without swimming this year, will involve a 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run, there is a range of events for all ages from under-8s upwards.

Competitors will record their own times and are being encouraged to share photos and videos of them taking part in the events from their own homes.

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