A court order closing a residential property has been welcomed, after regular complaints of criminal behaviour.

Neighbours repeatedly reported those who lived at the property, on John Street in Workington, for disorderly, offensive and criminal behaviour, as well as serious nuisance.

Police applied for the order to be made under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, which District Judge Chalk granted yesterday.

And the St John’s Residents Association could not be more pleased, with chairman Kath Goodwin saying: “At long last something has been done, and it’s absolutely marvellous.

“Nobody wants to live next to a hovel in this day and age, and all the residents will be so pleased.”

She added: “It’s taken a while for things to happen, but at last things are progressing, and it’s really great.”

Under the court order, the building will now remain closed, and nobody is allowed to enter or stay at the property for three months.

Police also said neighbours of the St John’s ward property had been blighted for years by the former tenants, with many people regularly visiting the property, showing no regard for Covid-19 guidelines, and the Order “is welcomed”.

Workington town councillor Mike Heaslip said: “I always support police and the council taking action to sort out houses being used for criminal activity.

“I’m happy to see this action being taken, and I’m sure neighbours will be pleased as well.”

Sergeant Scott Adams said: “I am pleased thecourt has taken into account the amount of disruption and misery caused to the local community, and I’m sure it will be a relief for them to know that this property has now been closed for the next few months.

“This closure is necessary to protect innocent members of the community who want to enjoy a peaceful private life.”

He continued: “A lot of work between officers and the Constabulary’s Legal Services department has gone into putting a strong case together to present to the Court and we are happy with this outcome.”