Lockdown has been an interesting time for PCSO Emma Light, as she has had her first baby and won an award.

Emma was named Mini Police PCSO of the Year for her work with the Ewanrigg Junior School Mini Police in Maryport.

Teacher and Mini Police organiser Allison Lancaster said: “I really don’t have the words to tell you what a wonderful asset Emma Light is to Cumbria Constabulary. Emma always goes above and beyond the call of duty. When we first started this initiative last year, Emma came to school and we did not fully understand the potential of this. Since then, myself and Emma soon realised that we could help lots of children – not just the Mini Police officers but the whole school and the wider community.”

Mini Police have been so successful at Ewanrigg that the school now runs an afternoon club to allow previous members to join in

“Emma contributes as much to school life as possible and always looks for opportunities to involve the Mini Police Officers. Our project, ‘Maryport get talking’ was a joint idea. Emma helped create the video, she made links with the local community and sought as may ways as possible for us to reach as many people as possible.”

Emma will return to work in April when she has two hopes: that she will finally be able to share her baby properly with extended family and that she can return to her Mini Policing.