The NHS in north Cumbria is aiming to achieve a world record, and it needs the county's help to do so.

The North Cumbria Integrate Care NHS Trust's Wellbeing Service is looking to create a testament to both the creativity and the united nature of the county's residents.

To do so, it wants to enlist the help of the county to create 12 miles of bunting, which would equal more than 80,000 flags.

While the original idea for the project was had before the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown, a spokesman for the trusts's wellbeing service said Covid-19 made it more important than ever to demonstrate the unity and connectedness of the county.

"Our aim is to create 12 miles of bunting - it would be a world record - created by Cumbrians to celebrate creativity and unity," the spokesman said.

"Twelve miles of bunting equals only 80,472 flags. If everyone in Cumbria contributed just one flag we would have 498,888 flags.

"The intention is for the finished item to be displayed locally, as a celebration of wellbeing.

"The Wellbeing Service recognises the importance of creative activity for general wellbeing and social contact.

"This project, launched before the Covid-19 crisis, seems now even more relevant as we tackle self isolation.

"While we can't get together in person, we can in spirit."

For more information about the project, call 01768 245953.