Plans to build staff accommodation at a popular hotel and spa, branded '"unnecessary" by surrounding residents, have been withdrawn.

The Lodore Falls Hotel submitted an application to build eight two-bedroom lodges for staff in April.

It stated that the hotel and recently-built spa "suffers from a shortage of high quality, en-suite staff accommodation", adding that the proposal "addresses this shortfall" by creating a space for staff to stay in.

Although the plans were seen as a positive step to the Borrowdale hotel, many were opposed to the plans, with the National Trust, Friends of the Lake District, Borrowdale Parish Council and two residents sharing their objections.

One neighbour was concerned the lodges would be used for other purposes, and wrote: "These chalets, supposedly for staff accommodation, could so easily become additional letting accommodation for hotel guests at some point in the future, it is a hotel after all.

"How big is this hotel and its curtilage going to become? How much more development will there be? When will this end?

"I consider this to be over development of the site, a visual blot of a very beautiful valley and permission for further development should be dismissed."

Another stated the plans were an "unnecessary expense", and shared fears that the accommodation would be used by guests rather than staff.