Pupils at one school have found a new way to express their emotions, as they continue to miss their friends, lessons, teachers and playtime.

Putting together a 68-page anthology of poems, youngsters at Beckstone Primary School, Harrington, have shared just how the pandemic has made them feel.

Popular themes include their lockdown-friendly adventures, missing their friends and completing school work at home, and headteacher David Warbrick couldn’t be more proud of his creative pupils.

“It was really interesting to see what they were all thinking, and the teachers have all loved it,” he said.

“I’m incredibly proud of all the pupils, and their families who have done everything they’ve been asked to do.

“Ninety-two per cent of pupils have been logging on every day to do their classwork, and the dedication has been so great to see.”

The anthology, titled The Rainbow Pupil, is available to view through the school's website, and features poems written by all the children, with ages ranging from five to 11-years-old.

And with poems written in every style, from Haikus and free verse to those written in Shakespeare’s beloved iambic pentameter, there are plenty for readers to enjoy.

It also gives parents and teachers an insight into just how the pupils are coping with the confusing time of coronavirus.

Mr Warbrick said: “These are such unprecedented times, we wanted something to be a memory for them when they reach my age, for example.

“These poems will be there for that time when they look back, and they’ll remember how they felt and what they thought at this time.”

And two youngsters will have extra special memories, with five-year-olds Remi Blanco-Charters and Ophelia Pitchford receiving county awards for their poems.

Remi wrote four heartfelt lines of thanks to the NHS, with Ophelia focusing on enjoying the lovely things in life, including sunshine, painting, and spending time with loved ones.

“They all did such a brilliant job, and I really am so pleased of every single pupil, teacher, staff member and parent,” Mr Warbrick added.