Hadrian’s Wall cyclists may soon find a haven in West Cumbria.

Businessman Bill James is looking to build a cycle barn - a place where cyclists can enjoy cheap and safe accommodation for them and their bikes.

Mr James, who runs the Bank Mill Nurseries at Mawbray. between Silloth and Allonby, said he first came across the idea in New Zealand.

"You provide a shelter for the cyclists to stop overnight. They bring their own sleeping bags and bunk down in warmth and safety."

He said the development of the Hadrian's Wall cycle path was a huge opportunity for coastal West Cumbria and people needed to take advantage of it.

"Providing low cost accommodation for the 15,000 or so cyclists who pass out door every year will encourage theme to stay in the area.

"It could certainly help my restaurant but having people staying here must be beneficial for tourism operators close by. I often send people to Maryport for instance."

He said working with his daughter Mel, who runs an animal sanctuary, would enable him to explore the idea of bringing parties of under privileged children from Manchester, for instance, who could benefit from the new environment and interaction with the animals.

Mr James said he has received planning permission for the barn..