Our guide to the soaps (like EastEnders before it, Hollyoaks has gone into hiaitus this week).

Coronation Street (ITV)

Some women just love having a man about the house, but not Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox). The fact her ex is Geoff Metcalfe means she knows all about his twisted ways, but will she be the secret weapon Alya needs as she tries to save her beloved gran from spending the rest of her life in prison?

That’s if Yasmeen lives long enough to serve a potential week in prison of course. As if she hasn’t suffered enough, this week she’s recovering from a heart attack, which means her trial is postponed.

Meanwhile, Sarah suspects Gary killed Rick, and their set-to in the street has dramatic results when he gets knocked down by a car while trying to protect his ex.

And as Covid finally arrives in Weatherfield months after the rest of the world, Aggie is stuck in a hotel isolating while Ed enjoys a virtual 30th wedding anniversary dinner with her via video call.

Neighbours (Channel 5)

Oh Terese. You are in hot water as you seem to have bribed a cop.

While Erinsborough’s most wanted stresses about her problem with Dax, Roxy tries to get into Sheila’s good books. Alas, not much chance of that when the latter overhears Roxy’s conversation with Harlow.

And we hate to drone on about technology, but one such device causes problems when Emmett begs to borrow Hendrix’s flying toy. Just watch how fast Emmett runs when Sheila is injured.

Meanwhile, a rushed Chloe wonders if a memory slip is a sign of her Huntington’s, and then after a pregnant pause, realises she’s expecting. However, she wants to wait before telling Pierce her news.

While Elly considers a new life in Switzerland (with a heartbroken Bea’s blessing), Karl and Susan’s Perth holiday takes an interesting turn when he bumps into an old mate in a bad state.

Home and Away (Channel 5)

Jasmine is gobsmacked when a mother from the forum arrives at the gym and thinks Grace is her child, so she offers a quick cover story.

Just watch Ziggy’s face when Maggie returns with Ben, and he’s on tenterhooks as they discuss the future of their marriage.

When Evan decides to leave the Bay, Ryder is left distraught, and spends his final moments with his dad, trying to ignore the reality of his prognosis.

Gemma and Mackenzie turn up at the Parata house and find Colby searching the abode for evidence in line with the Diner break-in. Mackenzie offers an alibi for Ari and is summoned to the police station; there Colby cautions her about the ramifications of making false statements.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Who said romance was dead? Not Andrea, that’s for sure. At the Woolpack, she forces Jamie to book them a romantic meal.

Meanwhile, some of the locals are desperate to get the management job at The Hide. Amy and Matty hope to get the Assistant Restaurant Managers post; Matty even undermines Amy to sound better for the role. Laurel goes up for Restaurant Manager, and Jamie is impressed as Jai interviews his girlfriend. Later, Jamie convinces Andrea he wants to be with her, despite the fact he really doesn’t. She’s none the wiser alas.

Elsewhere, Charity pushes Priya to help her find Kirin via his sister, but is frustrated by another dead end. Before long, Sarah climbs into Holdgate through an open window, and while searching for clues of Kirin’s whereabouts, Sarah takes Priya’s ring.