MEASURES to tackle a foul-smelling pong in Cockermouth have been welcomed.

Cumbria County Council is currently considering an application, which was validated yesterday, from water company United Utilities for “covering of tanks and installation of odour control unit and vent stack to reduce odour levels” at the Cockermouth Wastewater Treatment Works, Low Road.

For some time the pong has been reported in the area by residents.

Proposals have been welcomed by town councillor Simon Nicholson who said: “The smell when you pass it on occasion is awful on the days they stir it up.

“I definitely think this is good news and I hope it works for the sake of those they live there

“I think the smell is caused in the process they use for stirring it.”

According to the design and access statement submitted to the council the odour has reached “residential and site boundary receptor points”.

It goes on to say: “Such mitigation measures are required to be implemented to ensure that the odour is in accordance with the odour levels set out in Condition 14.

“The post-construction surveys have identified the roughing filters as a major source of odour.

“The purpose of this project is to provide odour control measures to meet the planning condition for odour levels of less than 1.5ouE.m-3 at the modelled receptor points.

“An odour control unit has been designed to meet the requirements, as well as a developed dispersion model in relation to the process flows and loads.

“The model has confirmed the location of the odour outlet within site in line with providing a dry carbon filter, which is a tried and tested technology capable of providing concentrations of 500 OUe/m3 at the outlet to then disperse to the necessary requirements at receptor points.

“For the inputs to the system, the dry carbon unit is the only treatment methodology that can adhere to the requirements in this application.”

It adds: “This planning application proposes development to support the established wastewater processing facility at Cockermouth.

“The application is required in order introduce odour control measures at the site, in order to conform with the requirements.

“The project forms part of UU’s Asset Management Plan programme which is a major programme of work to refurbish and upgrade assets across the north west region as agreed with the Environment Agency and the Office of Water Trading.

“Whilst some localised disruption is anticipated during the construction phase it can be adequately managed through methods of considerate construction.

“The permanent proposed development is intended to result in positive environmental effects including effects on neighbouring residential amenity."

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