Ian is trying to win a catering contract and decides to go the extra mile by inviting council worker Sharmaine to his home.

It seems the gamble might pay off when Sharmaine discovers his son is the same Bobby Beale who has recently been in touch about setting up a foundation in Lucy’s memory. But their chances of making a good impression nosedive when Max storms in to accuse Ian of stealing his life savings.

Mick is perturbed to realise that Frankie has been taking photos of Ollie, but Tina is impressed with the newcomer’s efforts at the Drag Bingo night and goes in for a kiss, and Stuart and Rainie’s big day is thrown into jeopardy when the groom gets locked in a hearse.


While some might take pocketing a heap of cash belonging to the local villain in their stride, Daniel becomes increasingly concerned that the net is closing in on him, especially when Geoff announces he’s going to report the matter to the police and Adam decides to look at CCTV footage from the scene of the crime.

Later, Daniel is questioned by detectives and admits everything. Geoff wants him to be charged, but it’s Adam and Craig’s reactions that hit the hardest.

Michael proposes to Grace, but she has news of her own - she’s planning to move to Spain, taking Tianna with her.


Mandy’s efforts to matchmake for Vinny backfire when she gets the wrong idea about Liv’s asexuality, but it’s soon her own love life that’s in the spotlight.

Hearing Tracy talk about her pregnancy stirs up painful memories for Mandy and she makes Vinny promise he won’t tell Paul about the baby she lost - unaware her ex has overheard the whole conversation.

However, instead of further rows, it brings them closer together and Vinny later comes home and realises his dad is upstairs with Mandy. Sadly, that’s not the only surprising discovery he makes, as he finds a betting slip and realises Paul has been gambling again.

Meena is clearly desperate to reconcile with Manpreet, but her sister is having none of it.

HOLLYOAKS (Channel 4)

Damon is picking up some supplies for Liberty, including reading material – and Martine is horrified to realise that includes a copy of The Red Door, the book about Toby and Celeste’s experimental childhood.

Mitchell thinks that reading it might give them some insight into Toby, but his brother is furious to find them with it.

Warren stirs things up between Sienna and Brody, Grace is put out when Felix stands her up, and Maxine has an idea to boost the law firm’s image.


Justin’s health is in a terrible state, but he continues to refuse to have the surgery that should alleviate his suffering; he confides in Leah that he’s frightened of going under the knife. Bella is under interrogation from Angelo. And Owen realises that he and Evan were twins. Despite the fact they look exactly like each other, the locals seem shocked by this revelation.


Chaos reigns at the school as a menacing Dax takes Yashvi, Susan, Mackenzie and Richie hostage. The experience makes a big impact on at least one member of the group – who decides it’s time to look at life in a whole new way.