A JUDGE’s mathematical error resulted in a thug who carried out a brutal joint attack on a teen receiving a prison sentence which was three months too long.

Stacey Louise Nicholson, 32, was jailed earlier this month along with Richard Musgrave, 42, for vicious violence meted out in several shocking instalments outside their Fountains Avenue home in Workington to a troubled 18-year-old.

The female suffered horrific injuries, was knocked unconscious and left “for dead” lying on a residential road for several hours on the early morning of September 13 after being kicked and punched by the pair, and struck with a metal crutch by Musgrave.

The victim was left in an induced coma for three days and given supported ventilation in hospital, where she remained for almost a fortnight.

But Covid restrictions meant relatives could not be with her.

“It was horrendous and heartbreaking knowing that your 18-year-old child was alone in hospital after somebody has done that kind of damage to her,” said her mother in an impact statement.

When arrested, Nicholson sneered to police: “Next time you’ll be f***ing locking me up for murder when you find me.”

After admitting two actual bodily harm assaults reflecting her role in the attack, Nicholson was given a 30-month jail term at

Carlisle Crown Court while Musgrave was locked up for four years.

But Nicholson was back in front of a judge on

Thursday morning – over a video link from custody.

It had emerged her sentence was too severe, Judge Nicholas Barker having erroneously not applied enough discount for her guilty pleas.

She was represented by lawyer Sean Harkin.

“He has brought it to my attention that a simple act of mathematical subtraction was inaccurate on my part, for which I apologise,” Judge Barker said.

As a result he reduced Nicholson’s overall sentence from 30 months to 27, prompting Nicholson to respond: “Thank you.”

“Again I just apologise for the error, and for this matter now having to be brought back,” added the judge.