Proposals to fell nine trees have been submitted.

Allerdale Council has received an application to remove the trees at Double Mills House in Cockermouth.

The applicant is listed as a James Allaker, of Double Mills House.

The trees that are proposed to be felled include a large Rhododendron, five-metre canopy – in order to “give light and allow broader, safer, and easier access to the gardens” – a blue conifer, large with seven-metre canopy “to give light to the surrounding shrubs and fruit trees, apple and pear, three conifers, four large leylandii which block and smother other plants and trees ."

There are also plans to prune a willow, with hopes to “sensitively cut back the canopy away from property walls and bring height down to better balance the tree."

The application form also states: “trees, fruit trees, and shrubs will be replanted in all areas where felling takes place to reinstate the gardens.”

For more on the planning application, go to the council’s website online at:

Application number: CAT/2020/0030