THE discovery of human faeces on a Workington nature reserve has disgusted and disappointed local rangers who look after the site.

Workington Nature Partnership ranger Susan Cammish dedicates her time to maintaining public spaces in the area – and she is saddened by the way people treat them.

But she says finding human faeces at nature reserves, including at Harrington Nature Reserve, is just a step too far.

She said: “It’s nothing new. We can clear one to four bags of litter every time we’re in the area. There is just no let up.

“At this time of the year we do get historical litter that has been hidden but now the vegetation has died back we can get to it.

“Sometimes it feels like there are thousands of piles of dog mess. We do have a lot of litter left from drug use at various location and smashed glass. We find if people have been ‘partying’ there is even human excrement in places — there are enough challenges without that.”

Disgusted at the find, she admits nothing can now shock her. Instead she just worries about the health risks that discoveries like this can carry.

She added: “People can always find an excuse for their actions.”

A spokesman for Allerdale Borough Council said: “We encourage people to act responsibly and if they do spot instances of littering, fly-tipping, dog fouling or other environmental issues in our communities we ask that they report them to us through the ‘myAllerdale’ mobile app. Any criminal issues should be reported to Cumbria Police via 101.

“Workington’s nature reserves are there for everyone to enjoy and we ask that people respect the sites by behaving appropriately in these beautiful parts of our town.”

The Workington Nature Partnership works with communities and user groups to improve and enhance nature reserves, landscape and wildlife habitat.