Cumbria County Council's highways crews have covered more than 73,000 miles of road in the last 30 days alone, responding to the wintry conditions across the county.

County council cabinet member for highways and transport, Keith Little, provided an update on the authority's winter maintenance programme for fellow council members at Thursday's meeting.

He noted that the council's highways department have had some "challenging times" in recent months, which have been marked by particularly snowy and icy conditions.

"Our crews have carried out 25 per cent more treatment than in an average year," he said, adding that the council made a number of amendments to its winter maintenance programme last year.

"There's been 130 full treatment days of the network, day and night," Mr Little said. "In the last 30 days, we've covered more than 73,000 miles, treating over 34,000 miles of our network. Mr Little added that the council still has "ample supplies of salt" available.

He also noted that the authority is "working as quickly as we can" to address potholes across Cumbria.

"In the very near future, in the next week or two, we are fetching some further assistance into the county, to help us get on with some of this work," he said.