Boris Johnson revealed his four-step route out of lockdown, which could see all aspects of society reopened by June 21.

The prime minister laid out his roadmap out of lockdown yesterday (February 22). He said he hopes to fully reopen the country and remove all limited on social contact within months, as long as the battle against coronavirus goes to plan.

We asked readers what they thought of the PM's roadmap.

Keith Garner explained: "It's a good idea so long as it's not rushed and if it comes back like last time, no pussyfooting bring back lockdown straight away to stop it spreading further. Personally I would prefer to see everyone vaccinated before any move to open up."

"Would be better if all school staff were vaccinated first," said Lizzie McGaffin.

Alan Cummings added: "Think about this parents are fed of home schooling. Children can’t have education from learning at home."

"Sending schools back is worrying," commented Gary Hurst.

John Glendinning said: "Makes sense, let's hope it works and we get back to living in the real world."

Tony Mark added; "Sending thousands of children back to school to sit in a classroom for six hours a day but barbers and hairdressers which people visit once every few weeks have to wait?"