ENTREPRENEURS are offering a the public a way to keep Britons safe indoors as lockdown eases, leading doctors have said more needs to be done to promote the importance of fresh air to stave off Coronavirus.

The British Medical Association said pubs, bars and restaurants, workplaces and other public settings should be given ventilation guidance as indoor hospitality will be permitted from May 17.

It comes after a leading medical journal emphasised the importance of aerosol transmission of Covid-19.

Authors, from the University of Leicester, the University of Hong Kong, Edinburgh Napier University and Virginia Tech in the US, said the “tiniest suspended particles can remain airborne for hours”.

They added: “People are much more likely to become infected in a room with windows that can’t be opened or lacking any ventilation system.”

Eco Industry Solutions, a response solutions business created by Scottish entrepreneur Eddie Black and Lancashire businessman Darren Cardwell, has introduced industry-leading air purification technology to businesses and organisations in the UK to help keep people safe. Eddie’s firm Eco, based in Cockermouth and Annan, has already supported essential factories, workplaces and doctor’s surgeries and helped them stay safe throughout the pandemic with a range of sanitisation solutions.

He and Darren have now introduced pioneering German technology to the UK to help people stay safe in offices and other shared indoor spaces as lockdown eases.

Eddie said: “It’s safe to say that 12 months ago most of us going to offices, factories, restaurants and hotels and other indoor spaces did not think too much about the air we were breathing. We might have been concerned about catching a cold from a colleague who was coughing and sneezing in the same office or part of a factory, but that was about the extent of it.”

“After a year of living with Covid in society, of keeping our distance from others and wearing facemasks, that’s all changed.

“We have become very aware of the air that we breathe and the spaces that we share.”

Eco Industry Solutions’ TAC V plus and AirgoClean One mobile air purifiers use the latest technology to provide surgical standard clean air. Both systems remove airborne pollutants without generating any dangerous ions, ozone or UV radiation, making them safe, healthy and effective clean air solutions.

Darren said: “These high performance eco-friendly air purifiers are ideal for any indoor space, such as an office, school, leisure or hospitality setting.

“They can substantially reduce the risk of an indirect virus infection from aerosols, the tiny droplets which are exhaled, especially when people sneeze or cough, by filtering out 99.995 per cent of the disease-carrying viruses from the room air. They are easy-to-use, robust and mobile which makes them ideal for a wide range of settings.”

For more information visit www.ecois.co.uk.