Readers have shared their views after a campaigner hit out at MPs for their "lack of support" following concerns over the future of trauma and emergency care at West Cumberland Hospital.

Those behind the We Need West Cumberland Hospital group have written to Lyn Simpson, chief executive of North Cumbria Integrated Care, which manages the hospital, outlining their fears for the future of trauma surgery there.

Workington MP, Mark Jenkinson and Copeland MP, Trudy Harrison, were both copied into the email.

Christine Wharrior, of the group, says the MPs have not shown their support over the issue.

Reacting to the story, Stephen Jackson said: "Is Mr Jenkinson forgetting that for the past 10 years, HIS (current) party, the Conservatives, have made cuts to vital services, leaving our NHS in an inadequate position, blaming austerity and that it was necessary to balance the books, which even despite those cuts they still haven’t!

"Maybe if he paid as much attention to vital services and issues closer to home, like the hospitals, etc and not to local takeaways, or spending time campaigning in Hartlepool, he wouldn’t be getting called out as not being interested!

Alistair Smeaton wrote: "What a joke. The rebuilding of the acute hospital (that had been put in motion during the time of a Labour government) stopped abruptly in 2015 ie after five years of a Conservative led administration and a few months into a majority Conservative administration. Then we have all had to struggle through with half a hospital for five years."

While Harvey Johnstone disagreed, saying: "Mark will get my vote. Does 10 times more than the last MP. Keep up the good work, Mark."