Constituents turned out this week for a very different election, voting on who they think is the person that should representative their ward.

Allerdale based Cumbria County Council seats, as well as borough council, town and parish council wards were contested this week and ballots were counted at Workington Leisure Centre on Friday.

The turnout in Allerdale for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections was 27.7 per cent. The count for the PCC position will be carried out on Monday.

For the county Council wards of Cockermouth North, 36.9 per cent and St Johns and Great Clifton, 33.4 per cent.

Allerdale Borough Council: Aspatria - 35 per cent, Christchurch, 37.95 per cent, Anna and Gilcrux, 27.9 per cent, Seaton and Northside - 31.1 per cent.

The turnout for town and parish was: Salterbeck, 19.9 per cent, Stainburn, 35.3 per cent, St John’s Ward, 30.46 per cent

Celia Tibble was at the count on Saturday, as agent for Beth Dixon and Anthony McGuckin. Speaking about the different election this year she said: “It’s very strange but the organisation is exemplary, it’s superb the staff have done a really good job.”

The first result, for the town Council Stainburn ward saw Conservative, Jacqueline Diane Kirkbride take 244 votes and the seat.

Labour’s Wendy Lightfoot took 208 votes and Peter Gaston, Independent, received 110.

Ellie Wood has been elected to Workington Town Council’s Salterbeck ward for Labour with 213 votes.

Kris William Wilkinson received 95 votes representing the Conservatives and Chris Richards, of the Independent Party, received 142 votes.

Alan Kennon was elected to Allerdale Borough Council’s Christchurch ward for the Conservatives.

Labour candidate Helen Tucker received 378 votes.

Stephen Christopher Barnes received 248 for the Liberal Democrats. Ross Cockburn received 21 for the Independents, Eric William Atkinson, representing The For Britain Movement received 12 votes.

County council’s Cockermouth North ward has been won by Catherine Bell with 807 votes.

Independent councillor Nicky Cockburn took 54 votes, Liberal Democrat Fiona Elspeth Cumming Jayatilaka took 411 votes, Jill Perry of the Green Party took 135 votes and Alan Smith, Labour, took 546 votes.

The Labour Party’s Anthony McGuckin won the St John’s ward seat on Allerdale Borough Council. He received 513 votes, he also took the Cumbria County Council and Workington Town Council seat for the same area. The borough council Aspatria ward went to Kevin Thurlow, Independents, with 531 votes.

Ellen and Gilcrux ward on the borough council went to Patrick Gorrill of the Conservatives with 343.

Colin Sharpe of the Conservatives won Seaton and Northside Allerdale Borough Council seat with 629 votes.