People in Allerdale are being asked to use recycling areas responsibly.

Allerdale Council's enforcement team has been monitoring its recycling areas, and has recently focused on the Sullart Street site in Cockermouth.

The council is encouraging all members of the community to use small recycling sites properly and has asked the public to:

• Not use them for business waste

• Put all materials in the correct bin

• Don't just leave items beside the bins - it's classed as fly-tipping

Small recycling points are situated around the borough. These can take glass, cans and plastics as well as paper and card.

The Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) at Clay Flatts in Workington only accepts glass recycling, not cans nor plastics.

As well as the recycling centres, the council offers a service to collect larger household items from your home for a charge.

Learn more about recycling centres at: