A TRUE town star has passed away, but her dedication, care and stunning outfits will never be forgotten.

Branthwaite's beloved Christina Jeanne Harrison, known by all as Jeanne, sadly passed away on April 24, with her funeral held at St Oswald's Church, at Dean, on May 5.

From a young age, Jeanne proved just how hard she could work, heading to University in Manchester to study domestic science, and then getting a job demonstrating for a gas board in Rossendale, Lancashire, where she met her husband, John, who died six years ago – after more than 65 years of marriage.

Once married, the happy couple moved back to Cumbria and had their beloved daughter, Christina.

"My mum and dad were very busy people, which is why I'm an only child, I think!" she said.

"I can't tell you her age, because she never wanted people to know – she didn't want to be treated like an old woman.

"She did so much, and was so well known in Workington for it."

Being very much a home-bird, the Broughton-born woman's life was never dull, and she spent her time ensuring everyone in town was entertained, fed and happy with her and John's Oxford Hotel, in Workington.

But their biggest project was Workington Ballroom, which the pair built in 1959, and managed until their retirement in 1985.

Christina said: "Mum would be up before 7am to make sure tea and breakfast was ready for her hotel guests, then would go over to the ballroom to prepare more food, then work behind the bar until 1am, and do it all again the next day. She must have run on about four hours of sleep!

"So many people comment and say they still remember Mum, Dad and the hotel for being so great, and having such lovely staff and food, so their legacy lives on."

The couple also provided catering for Prime Minister Harold Wilson, on his visit to Lillyhall for the opening of The Cumbria, above which Jeanne and John lived at the time.

As well as being famous for her impeccable hospitality, the "very stylish" Jeanne was also known for her beautiful outfits, with she and her daughter even keeping diaries to make sure they never wore the same outfit twice at the ballroom's events.

"We didn't want to disappoint anyone, so we never wanted to wear the same thing two years in a row," Christina said.

"People would be so excited to see what mum was wearing, because she always dressed so well.

"Even her funeral was very pink and proper – Mum would never have wanted a buffet, so we had a proper sit-down meal, just like she'd have wanted."

Jeanne will be missed by the many who knew her, and she leaves behind Christina, grandchildren Jeanne and Jonny, and great-grandchildren Oliver, three, and one-year-old Georgie.

Christina said: "She absolutely loved the little ones – her face would light up whenever they entered the room.

"Up until two years ago, she would still be crawling on the floor with Oliver whenever she was with him! She adored them both so much."