Creative youngsters have brought a splash of colour and quirky decorations to a Workington part as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Pupils from Workington Academy and West Coast Sixth Form students took part in the ‘yarn bombing’ in Vulcan Park, with two sixth formers leading a group of keen artists to create a garland.

The creation has been on display in the park this week.

Holly Hunter, who is in Year 13, worked with Year 12 student Katie Hill to oversee the creation of the garland, taking much inspiration from their current A-level projects.

Youngsters from Year 7 up to Year 13 made pompoms to create the chain.

Holly, who is looking at how public spaces are utilised in different ways by communities as part of her A-level studies, said: “I am super interested in how public and private and safe spaces are utilised.

The design created by the school

The design created by the school

“Yarn bombing is usually an unofficial way of decoration, protesting or spreading good cheer.

“I’ve been happy to be part of the project and have enjoyed encouraging my peers to take part.

“I think a bit of pompom-making can brighten our day and I hope that the people that visit the park can enjoy the work.”

Katie also took inspiration from her current project while making the display.

SCENE: The tree that the students from the academy yarn bombed

SCENE: The tree that the students from the academy 'yarn bombed'

She said: “I have been researching how nature links to textiles and how artists and fashion designers can often use real nature in their work or recreate its appearance and texture using fabrics and yarns.

“This project was a fun way to combine the two and I really enjoyed being part of it.”

The project was completed by Workington Academy as part of Workington Town Council’s wider yarn bombing initiative in the park this week.

Allison Murphy, head of expressive arts at Workington Academy, said: “We love working on community arts projects here at Workington Academy.

“Projects like this are important for the creative culture of our town; it was accessible to all our students, and I was overwhelmed by how many pompoms we received after just a few days.

“Joining them together in a long chain was a lovely idea and shows the work as a whole.

“It combines the work of students from Year 7 right through to Year 13, demonstrating Workington Academy and West Coast Sixth Form working as one.”