Readers have been sharing their despair over the issue of dog fouling in Workington.

Workington Town Council’s environment committee has confirmed it will be launching a Bag that Poo – Any Bin Will Do campaign, in a bid to tackle the ongoing issue of excessive dog fouling spotted in public spaces throughout the town.

In addition to the concern of getting dog faeces on shoes, prams, bikes and wheelchairs, the mess can also carry health risks, including toxocariasis.

The infection can be transmitted from animals to humans through contact with parasitic roundworm eggs, usually through pet faeces that have not been cleared from the ground.

The council hopes the campaign will raise awareness of the ongoing issue through social media, posters and public events, at which free bags will be given to dog owners.

Here's what you had to say.

David Smith said: "What about the rest of Allerdale?"

Sharon Blackmore said: "We need a bin at the bottom of our road as there is a sign to clean up after your dog but no bin."

One readers suggested installing someone to enforce people to pick up after their dogs.

Paul Clague said: "How about taking some of the traffic wardens off our already dying high streets and putting them on dog poo patrol.

"There are places in each town or village in Allerdale that some people are blatantly ignoring advice to pick their dog muck up.

"There is no deterrent and as long as they get away with it, it will continue to be a problem."

David Walker said that he thought there were other issues as well as dog fouling in the area that needed to be dealt with.

He said: "And also remember to take your own litter home with you."