A PLANNING application for house alterations including a flue burner sparked a debate at Cockermouth Town Council.

Coun Grace Bennion said: "As a council that has declared a climate emergency, should we be supporting wood burning stoves?

"These have been exposed as one of the biggest emission generators.

"They're highly polluting."

Coun David Malloy asked: "Has Allerdale not got a solid fuel burning policy?"

Coun Alan Smith said: "If you burn dry wood it's not a problem, it's just wet wood."

Councillor Alan Kennon said: "Nationwide it's a bigger problem now than car exhaust fumes.

"Eighty percent of people with woodburning stoves have central heating. It's a question of whether they're necessary."

Councillors voted to recommend Allerdale Council approve the application for the Deer Orchard Close property.