Another major event has been cancelled over Covid fears.

The annual Maryport Trawler Race, due to be held next months, will not go ahead.

Organiser Gary Hampson said: "It costs money to run the race. There is still so much uncertainly about Covid and what the government's stance will be in July that we decided we had to cancel."

He said the large number of people who gathered on the harbour for the event was the main factor in deciding not to carry on.

The trawler race is one of Maryport largest events in the year with people coming from all over West Cumbria to watch.

The race attracts trawlers from along the west cost with a number coming from the Isle of Man.

The sight of the decorated boats adds a riot of colour to the harbour.

Crews also dress up according whatever theme they decide and most of the boats usually have sound systems with music blaring.

As well as being fun to watch and to partake, the trawler race also raises money for local charities.

Maryport Inshore Rescue, who provide support on the day, always receives half the amount raised with the other half going n charity of the year.

Mr Hampson said deciding to call the event off had not been an easy decision to make.

"I had to make a decision and, with all the uncertainty, I opted to cancel in the same way the Maryport carnival was cancelled."

But he said he has every intention of carrying on next year.

"I am in the process of trying to buy a really special trophy with long links to the trawler race.

"It is a trophy from 1913. I am not going to say too much until I get it but, if and when I do, I will be able to speak about it history.

"It is quite exciting and something for the trawler to aim for next year."