A WEEK after announcing that the popular music festival will be on again, latest Government advice has put Glassonbury in doubt once more.

The organising committee will meet this weekend to decide the fate of the festival which has become a popular annual event

Glassonbury was a quirky idea of the organisers to hold a live festival at around the same time as Glastonbury, with a clever play on words based on their own club name, Glasson Rangers Football Club.

The idea took off and in some years people who did not book early enough found themselves unable to get into the club’s grounds where the festival is held.

These photos show, not only the popularity of the event, but how much difference a year makes.

Whether they are huddling under umbrellas or soaking up the sun, nothing prevents these one-day festival goers from their fun.

The photos on these pages are from Glassonbury festivals from 2010 to 2016 and the difference in the weather can be seen – but the smile on the faces certainly show that the rain does not matter.

Glassonbury was set up to raise money both for the club and for charity.

Over the years thousands of pounds have been raised to support the club and for good causes around West Cumbria.

The large SOB banner from 2016 shows the combination of fun and commitment.

SOB – Save Our Beds – represented the huge campaign started by the late Bill Barnes and taken up by other organisations and by hundreds of people in the town who wanted to retain beds at the Maryport hospital.

But mainly Glassonbury is about the music.

This year’s headliners, if the festival goes ahead, is the very popular local band, Broken English.

Glassonbury celebrated 10 years in 2019 but last year’s festival had to be cancelled because of lockdown.

This year’s event was due to be held on July 3 but may have to be cancelled because of the growing number of people with the Delta variant of Covid.

In the meantime, these photos will bring back memories.